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Monday, August 23, 2004

Walmart #1 -- Wealth

If Sam Walton were alive today (and hadn't died, thereby splitting his fortune 4 or 5 ways), he'd be worth about $100 Billion (yes, Virginia, that's a 'B') and still driving his crappy pickup truck. He'd be the richest man on this planet, about twice as rich as Bill Gates (slacker).

Rounding off the bottom of the Eleven (11) Wealthiest people in the world (not bad for an inheritence) are:

#7 Alice L Walton
#8 Helen R Walton
#9 Jim C Walton
#10 John T Walton
#11 S. Robson Walton

The Waltons are an extremely influential and powerful family running a company with about $33 Billion in assets and a market capitalization of about $250 Billion. Based on 2003 revenue, it's was Fortune's #1 company on the Fortune 500.