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Monday, March 19, 2007

Herald of Olympus, Book III is SCRIPTED!! (yay)

Talking about fate is one thing. Writing a story about it is entirely different. I don't know why, but the third book of Herald was absolutely difficult. I actually found myself avoiding it at times, choosing to do other things (like reading Thucydides "Peloponnesian War" again).
In any case, I was absolutely ecstatic when I typed in the final words to the script. What's also very cool about the script is that it's a full-fledged neo-sequential comic that conveys the the timeless idea of fate. It was like I had arrived at a destination after a long, winding road.
Here's the first page from the script of "Freedom in a Moment of Fate":

Page 1-

1.1- Close-up image of a 1976 US quarter (coin) flipping in the air.
How is it possible to be free when we live in a universe of order—where particles move and change according to laws inherent to matter?

1.2- Lamia stands over the President of the United States in the Oval office. Hermes is squatting down next to him and urging Lamia to kill him. She looks scared, like she’s doing something dangerous and uncertain.
What are you talking about? You’ll get your children back later if you just kill him right now.
I don’t believe you!
Free them right now, then I’ll kill him. Otherwise…

1.3- Over the shoulder of LAMIA. HERMES looks shocked at what he’s hearing from her.
Otherwise what?
I’ll let Mars kill him and become the patron god of America. He’s outside, ready to do it.
Give me back my children now, and that won't happen.

1.4- Close up on HERMES. Things aren’t going as planned, and he’s a bit tense. He looks like he’s going to kill LAMIA.
You saw in Hades' Halls that you are fated to do this! Do it!
If I'm fated to do this, then I’ll do it. But I know I can do something different.
That’s not how fate works, Lamia!
And I know I’m being manipulated by Essendo the Mechanic. I know it!