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Monday, October 25, 2010

Marlow movie news


Source: Shock Till You Drop
October 24, 2010

Legacy Filmworks is looking to adapt Arcana Studios' 2005 comic book "American Wasteland."The production outfit has tapped William Penick and Chris Sey to pen the script for producers Sean O'Reilly and Deboragh Gabler.The comic, written by R.D. Hall, tells of truck driver Cletus McCoy, who only wants one thing: to get back home and save his Mama from a fate worse than death. But, in a world crumbling into a vampire apocalypse, that is easier said than done. Cletus will have to truck his way through an emerging nation of bloodthirsty monsters hell-bent on making him supper.

Additionally, O'Reilly and Gabler are developing a feature adaptation of Arcana's "Marlow" and apparently have Kevin Grevioux (Underworld) attached to star. Jackson Lanzing will script.

Marlow is a mercenary who struggles with his fears of who he is and what he can become. Badly hurt, the pharmaceutical company NuPharma tried to save Marlow, but accidentally turned him into the walking dead. In exchange for medicines that keep him from reverting to a zombie state, Marlow does all the dirty work the Company asks him. Marlow works with a team of loose-knit associates who know of his affliction, but who are not altogether trustworthy.

Legacy says both films are fully funded.