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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

DWP 2.0 Publishes Kid Lightspeed & the Neutron Women

Thanks to all the hard work of Kel Nuttall and his team at Digital Webbing, DWP 2.0 is now on sale at Comixology and the first three installments of "Kid Lightspeed & the Neutron Women" appear over the first 4 issues of the anthology. There's a lot of other great creators in the series, too. Dan Hill, CG Kirby, Aaron Wilder, Gav Heryng, Juan Moreno, Michael Nigro (KL&tNW), Derek Fridolfs, Dean Kotz, Greg Scott and many others contribute.

Hop on over the the Digital Webbing store at https://comics.comixology.com/#/digital_webbing and pick up DWP 2.0 and some of the other fine comics Digital Webbing is publishing.